Example of where distributed leadership is be enabled


Reflection on practice

Each of the projects adopted an institute-wide focus that adopted a multi-level approach, including schools (departments); faculty (college) and senior executive.  Support was provided from the central learning and teaching unit.


Examples from original projects

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Student feedback

Action research teams in 3 schools
A project team of senior executive, heads of school (academic) and departments (professional) and director and associate dean learning and teaching.
Plenary sessions acting as communities of practice with open-invitation across the university.
Reference group of internal and external experts.


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Leaders in Effective Practice  who had a prior interest in learning and teaching self-nominated as action research enablers. These enablers did not hold any traditional, hierarchical leadership role.
Champions consisted of formal leaders (heads of department; faculty deans and associate deans learning and teaching) who adopted role as influencers.


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Faculty scholars self-nominated to lead a project related to faculty strategic plan supported by the dean.

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Online learning

Project team consisted of six academic on-line advisors from three geographically separated campuses who were appointed on the basis of their expertise in educational design, educational leadership and research into IT.