Example of identifying a dimension



Reflection on practice


Note: each of the dimensions will need to be considered given the integrated nature of distributed leadership.  The order for such will depend on the particular focus.  

In each project activity to support collaboration was facilitated.


Examples from original projects

RMIT logo

The project team included the three action research team leaders as  well as formal heads of functional departments such as student services, survey centre, the multi-media and IT departments and infrastructure department, who provided information and acted on recommendation of the action research teams.


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The project was strongly underpinned by an action research methodology, with several cycles of change resulting in a cascading of collaborationLeaders in effective practice  group forums initiated and supported collaboration, for example, dissemination of learnings through symposium presentation at an international conference.


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The faculty scholar model was cascaded through two stages with ‘first generation participants’ become mentors to ‘second generation participants’ during the leadership retreat.


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Online communication was used to facilitate collaboration between the geographically dispersed campuses.