Example of identification of criterion


Reflection on practice

Professional development is provided.


Note: each of the criteria will need to be considered given the integrated nature of distributed leadership.  The order for such will depend on the particular focus.


In each project professional development was provided through a mix of training workshops; mentoring and facilitation and proactive encouragement by formal leaders.


Examples from original projects

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Facilitators with expertise in learning and teaching were appointed to each Action research team.


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Training, facilitated by experts, occurred at the commencement of the project and was supported by several forums during the project.


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A three day leadership retreat was conducted to support the development of action plans. This was followed by fortnightly meetings which alternated formal and informal meetings to further develop leadership skills. This includes awareness raising, knowledge building, skills development and personal reflection as well as networking and relationship building opportunities.


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A three day workshop as held at the start of the project. ‘Bite sized’ training sessions were offered during the project.