Below are links to other websites, projects or activities that have a focus on distributed leadership.


Edwards, Sarah (Researcher in Education) (2014) Enhancing teaching and learning through distributed leadership : a case study in higher education. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. Click  here

This is a story of a Tasmanian school that has adopted a K-10 model based on shared and distributed leadership. So, what is distributed leadership? What does the evidence say? And, can it work for your school? Click here

The Distributed Leadership Study research team is working to change how researchers, developers, practitioners, and policy-makers think about school leadership and management.  Click here

Universities are promoting the concept of "distributed leadership" as a cloak to hide an increasing lack of consultation with staff, research suggests. Click here

No More Heroes: Distributed Leadership Click here
Informal-leadership: It’s Not All About You, Harvard Business Review Click here