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Projects funded under the OLT Leadership for Excellence grant scheme, distributed leadership category, deal with institutional change through the use of experts and enthusiasts, building networks and communities of practice. The combined outcome of over 60 of these completed projects is the knowledge that distributed leadership, with its top-down policy and bottom-up implementation focus, can be effective in building institutional leadership capacity.


Leadership for excellence grants with distributed leadership as an element

a)      Jones, Ryland, Harvey, Lefoe, Schneider and Applebee (LE9-1222) Lessons learnt: identifying the synergies in distributed leadership projects (referred to in this report as the enabling distributed leadership project).

b)      Four initially funded (2006) distributed leadership projects, which the enabling distributed leadership project was based upon.


Multi-level leadership in the use of student feedback to enhance learning and teaching



Leaders in effective assessment practice

Macquarie University


Distributive leadership for learning and teaching: developing the faculty scholar model

University of Wollongong


Leadership capacity for online learning and teaching

Australian Catholic University



c)       Projects included in the first phase of the audit (funded in 2006) in addition to the projects identified above (b):

Promoting teaching and learning communities: Institutional leadership project

Australian National University


Sustaining distributive leadership in learning and teaching: cascade and perpetual effectiveness of the faculty scholar model

Flinders University


Tiddas Showin’ Up, Talkin’ Up and Puttin’ Up: Indigenous Women and Educational Leadership

Flinders University


Leading for effective partnering in clinical contexts

Griffith University



d)      Related completed projects that used a distributed leadership approach:

Building distributed leadership in designing and implementing a quality management framework for online learning environments

Deakin University

LE10-1726 (2010)

Learning without borders: linking development of transnational leadership roles to international and cross-cultural teaching excellence

Swinburne University

LE9-1228 (2009)

Demonstrating distributed leadership through cross-disciplinary peer networks: responding to climate change complexity

University of Tasmania

LE9-1183 (2009)

Identifying and sustaining leadership capacity for communities of practice in higher education

University of Southern Queensland

LE10-1734 (2010)

Create-Ed: strengthening leadership capability through a strategic knowledge network


LE9-1246 (2009)

Sustaining distributive leadership in learning and teaching: cascade and perpetual effectiveness of the faculty scholar model.

Flinders University

LE8-691 (2009)


e)      Related current projects using a distributed leadership approach:

Fostering institutional and cultural change through the Australian Network of University Educators, Science and Mathematics Educators Network (SaMnet)

University of Sydney

LE11-1967 (2011)

Building leadership with sessional staff standards

Macquarie University

LE11-1896 (2011)

Leading WIL – distributed leadership appropriate to enhance work integrated learning

Griffith University

LE11-2084 (2011)

Building leadership capacity in university first year learning and teaching in the mathematical sciences

University of Melbourne

LE12-2190 (2012)

Developing a culture of peer-review of teaching through a distributive leadership approach

Queensland University of Technology

LE11-1980 (2011)

Building local leadership for research education

University of Technology Sydney

LE11-1982 (2011)

Building distributed leadership for effective supervision of creative practice higher education degrees

Queensland University of Technology

LE12-2264 (2012)

Building institutional capacity to enhance access, participation and progression in Work Integrated Learning

Queensland University of Technology

LE13-3001 (2013)

Student leadership in curriculum development and reform

University of Western Sydney

LE13-2839 (2013)


Teaching Fellowships

The evaluating distributed leadership project has direct links to the following teaching fellowships:

a)      Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald 2010 National Teaching Fellow—Community domain, practice: facilitators catch-cry for revitalising learning and teaching through communities of practice

b)      Associate Professor Manjula Sharma 2013 National Teaching Fellow—More active lecture approaches in science and mathematics: using expert cultural capital to drive change